Beaches and attractions

We recommend visiting beaches and attractions within walking distance of Katerina Apartments.


Plaka Beach (800m)

The beach "Plaka" is located north of Ai Giannis, 800 meters from the apartments Katerina behind the port. You can go on foot, carefully passing a rugged 200-meter path that leads to the beach from the port or by road, from the road that leads to Anilio and descends to Plaka (there is private parking inside the Eden Hotel).

Plaka is a beautiful beach with fine pebbles that is divided into two parts. In the northernmost part there is an organized area with umbrellas and sunbeds served by the adjacent Beach Bar Eden. At that point, you can enjoy diving from the rocks (plates) that gave their name to the beach.

Papa Nero beach

Papa Nero Beach (800m)

The beach "Papa Nero" is located south of Ai Giannis, 800 meters from the apartments Katerina behind the large bridge of the ravine. You can go on foot following the promenade along the road.

"Papa Nero" is a long beach with sections with fine pebbles and sand. You will find a restaurant and tavern, a café and a beach bar, as well as organized sections with umbrellas and sunbeds.

Access by car is limited and is only allowed for a few hours in the day to serve the shops.


Damouchari (6km)

Damouchari is a beautiful, picturesque area south of Ai Giannis, consisting of a cove and a small beach with thick pebbles. It is famous from the movie "Mama Mia" that was shot there.

You will find it about 5 km from Ai Giannis, ascending the road to the village of Mouresi. There is parking before the village and you continue on foot, descending for another 500 meters the picturesque cobbled path.

In the port of Damouchari you will find a beautiful tavern and cafeteria, a tourist shop, and a few hotels.

Continuing walking, after the port you will find the small beach with the large cliffs, and the wild beauty. Along the way you will find a tavern and continuing your course you will find a small bridge that is the entrance for a hiking route of exceptional beauty that leads to Fakistra beach and ends at Tsagarada.

Agioi Saranta beach

Agioi Saranta beach (14km)

The beach "Agioi Saranta" is located north of Ai Giannis, well after Plaka beach. Access is by road through the route to Anilio, Makryrrachi where, after the center of the village, in front of the church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos Makryrrachis there is a junction with signs to Chorefto. Go down the road to Chorefto and about halfway through, turn right at the junction to Saranda.

Arriving at the beach you can park on the coastal road and discover the scenery.

The beach is long, wide and very beautiful, gentle with sand and fine pebbles. It is divided into two large sections by a natural recess and we suggest you explore it all.

In Agioi Saranta you will find a tavern, a café and a beach bar, as well as a few accommodations.

Fakistra Beach

Fakistra Beach (14km)

Fakistra is a small, rocky beach south of Ai Giannis towards Tsagarada, which is a refuge for the adventurous. Access is by road from Ai Giannis to Tsagarada and at the first intersection in Agios Stefanos Tsagarada square there is a signage that directs you to the point.

There is no organized parking and you may need to leave your car away from the entry point. From there you go down a steep path to the beach about 300m long to reach this beautiful place.

There is nothing else there, except wild beauty and green-blue crystal clear waters, so it is good to have some supplies of good evil with you.

If you are fit and you like hiking, you can walk from Ai Giannis to Fakistra (5km) through a network of trails that start from Damouchari beach. It is quite uphill (especially the first part, from Damouchari) but you are rewarded by the endless sea view.

Mylopotamos Pelion

Mylopotamos Beach (15km)

Mylopotamos is located south of Ai Giannis at the port of Tsagarada. Access is by road from Mouresi and reaching Tsagarada in the center of the village, you will see signs on the left towards Mylopotamos.

Mylopotamos is a small beach, but it has amazing wild beauty with natural openings in the rocks that enter the sea and create natural openings on the sand!

You will find parking on the road, two tavernas and a Beach Bar serving the beach.